Partnering with organizations to assess and address sexual misconduct


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Vestry Laight helps public and private organizations respond to and resolve sexual misconduct issues. We conduct independent investigations into specific allegations of misconduct as well as broader cultural assessments of the workplace to uncover problems before they escalate. In some organizations, sexual misconduct issues may be a symptom of underlying cultural problems that need to be addressed, including lack of confidence in institutional response to harassment. We created Vestry Laight because there is a dearth of highly trained experts able to conduct these specialized investigations and develop effective solutions to respond to and prevent harassment.


Why We are Different


We have extensive global experience conducting sexual misconduct investigations


We have established credibility
with victims and advocates


We are trusted advisors to leading corporations on workplace issues


Vestry Laight is uniquely situated because its principals have recognized expertise as advocates on behalf of victims of gender-based violence and as trusted advisors to leading companies on complex diversity challenges as well as litigation matters. Our experience is global and cuts across the private, public and non-profit sectors.


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